What To Expect In The Process Of Choosing Senior Care.

When dealing with your care and safety or that of a loved one the options can seem a bit daunting.  In Home Care Advisors was created to assist you in evaluating all your options and choosing the perfect fit for your needs.  Because we have access to virtually all providers in Minnesota this is at NO COST to you or your family.

Step 1.  Within 8-36 hours of submitting your request we MEET with you in-person.

Step 2.  Our counselor creates an ASSESSMENT letting you know what we feel are your best options.

Step 3.  We create a profile including assessment to MATCH with potential care providers that meet your needs.

Step 4.  We arrange meetings with care providers so you are able to CHOOSE.

Step 5.  Once you are working with a care provider we continue to MONITOR the relationship as well as the health/condition of the person receiving care.  If the circumstances change we are able to recommend a change of type of care or escalation of current care.

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Is Home Care right for our family?In Home Care provides peace of mind that our loved ones are safe and cared for when we can’t be there everyday.

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What Senior Care and Assisted Living Choices Are Out There?

The assessment helps us to pinpoint the broad type care needed.  As our name, In Home Care Advisors suggest we believe that seniors should be able to live in their own homes as long as care and safety permits.  However we work with patients at whatever level their needs dictate.  In actuality there are 4 types of elder/senior care available.  Below are some Pros and Cons of each:

  1. Home Health Care & Companion Care
    • Pros: Can stay in home.
    • Pros:  Can use as needed with no long-term commitment.
    • Pros:  Not very expensive depending on level care needed.
    • Pros:  Can use regular service for routine needs like shopping and doctor appointments.
    • Pros:   Peace of mind that someone is always looking in on seniors and can keep up-to-date on changing condition.
    • Cons: Don’t have full-time medical staff on-site.
    • Cons:  May not be the long-term solution.
  2. Independent Senior Apartments.
    • Pros:  Relatively inexpensive compared to Assisted Living.
    • Pros:  Senior maintains independence.
    • Cons:  No medical or limited other services for seniors.
    • Cons:  If condition worsens may have to move to Assisted Living or Nursing Home.
  3. Assisted Living/Senior Centers
    • Pros:  Residents receive more attention.
    • Pros:  Offer scheduled events and senior activities
    • Cons:  Expensive compared to Home Care and Independent Senior Apartments.
    • Cons:  if a person suffers medical setback, they may have to move to the Nursing Home.
  4. Nursing Home
    • Pros:  Skilled nursing care including memory care services.
    • Pros:  Constant/24 hour monitoring.
    • Cons: Institutional with little privacy.
    • Cons:  Generally the most expensive option.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

Home Health Care: from $45-$150 per day depending on hourly rate and number of days needed per week or month.

Independent Senior Apartment: $750-$2,000 per month.

Assisted Living: starting $3,000 a month for a private room with everything included.

Nursing Home: between $3,900 and $6,000 a month for a shared room.

With In Home Care Advisors you are never alone in deciding the best the options for your loved one.  Let us get started finding the “perfect companion and personal care provider” for your needs.  Click Here