5 Tech Tools For Seniors to Enhance Everyday Life

5 Tech Tools For Seniors

Researchers are finding that seniors who readily adapt to technology benefit from improved quality of life on both the social and health fronts.  However when seniors and technology come together learning curve of how to use the latest gadgets can sometimes be challenging.   Here are 5 good tools/items to help.

senior couple using an computer at home

  1. Smartphone –  Did you know many seniors are addicted to the new Pokemon Go craze? It is true, people of all ages are getting moving and collecting Pokemon all over! Of course, a cell phone is most important for getting ahold of anyone at any time and it can give you piece of mind, knowing that you can call your parent and ensure their safety no matter where you or they are.
  2. Computer – Computers are a great way to search for anything you can think of. It is also a great way to keep in contact through Skype, FaceTime or Video Call with Facebook. These are easy ways to connect with your parent and be sure they can connect with other family and friends through these convenient computer options. See each other face to face and know if they are doing well, or not.
  3. Fitness Tracker/Smart Watch – Some of the latest technology has a wearable fitness monitor small enough it easily fits on the wrist. These watches often monitor sleep patterns, activity levels. Even more advanced Smart Watches/Fitness Trackers have fall detection, can hook up to hearing aids, have a GPS and an integrated mobile phone. The best part about a watch design is there is no need to remember where you put it, it is on your wrist.
  4. GPS – For seniors that drive their own cars, GPS is great to have. Wrong turns happen quickly and with GPS you or another will almost always know what street  and coordinates – if worst comes to worst. Smartphones, Tables/iPads & many vehicles have GPS or you can also purchase one to place in the vehicle of your choice. GPS is also great to have when walking too.
  5. Tablet/iPad – Sometimes smartphone screens can be small, so if your parent is complaining about a small screen, consider a Tablet or iPad. They can pretty much do everything a smartphone can do, as long as you have service. For tablets with their own internet capabilities check out your phone providers, such as Verizon or T-mobile. They offer affordable plans you can put on your phone line for tablets that have internet services of their own and can get pretty much get every app a smartphone can.

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Seniors May Benefit From Exercising the Most

The thought of exercising to stay fit usually brings visualizations of health clubs packed with young, healthy men and women who are in the prime of their life, but it is actually another demographic that may reap more rewards from exercising. You should not believe that exercising is just a young person’s activity, in fact, seniors may benefit more from regular exercise than any other age group.

Active Older Adults get significant benefits from exercising.  www.inhomecareadvisors.com

Active Older Adults get significant benefits from exercising. www.inhomecareadvisors.com

As we age, an active lifestyle is more important than ever. There are not only great physical benefits for seniors who stay active and exercise, but also mental health benefits. The concerns that many seniors may have about exercise possibly leading to illness or injury are unfounded and in actuality it may be just the opposite as seniors who do regularly exercise have less instances of suffering injuries or illnesses.

The Benefits

When anyone decides to exercise, no matter their age, they are doing it to become healthier. Maybe they want to lose weight, or maybe they are looking for a lifestyle change, it really doesn’t matter, the objective is a healthier body. This is true when seniors exercise as the physical and mental benefits of exercise may be endless.

Physically, seniors who exercise have a better chance at preventing disease and getting over injuries faster. Exercise also improves balance, something that can deteriorate as we age and lead to falls that cause injury. Regular exercise also leads to increased life expectancy for seniors according to the Centers for Disease Control. Anyone who has had a loved one age into their golden years knows that mental capacity is just as important as physical well being. Research shows that seniors who regularly exercise experience slower mental declines, possibly because of the increased blood flood to the brain, which could promote cell growth. The longer we can maintain optimum physical and mental health, the longer our quality of life is likely to remain high.

Getting Started

It may sound like a cliché, but it is true that no matter what age, it is never too late for a senior to begin exercising. Seniors who are in their 80s or 90s can still experience great benefits from regular exercise according to the National Institute of Aging. Exercising does not have to include strenuous workouts. Walking five or more days a week, even at 10 minutes a time, can be beneficial. The key to seniors experiencing physical and mental health benefits is staying consistent with an exercise plan and finding something that they enjoy doing.

Resources for Getting Started

Active Older Adults should always consult a medical professional before beginning a specific exercise routine because the best option is based on a lot of factors that include age, ability and overall health. Seniors who live in a retirement community or assisted living facility should have different program options available if they wish to get more active. In Minnesota, depending on what city a senior may live in, most communities have a local senior center that has many different options for seniors who are looking to become more active. Contact City Hall or checkout the YMCA website (http://www.ymcatwincities.org/), as they have great programs for Older Adults to see what options may be available to you. Many of the local health clubs also offer specific fitness classes for seniors. Additionally, many Medicare health plans come with a free Silver Sneakers fitness membership, a popular exercise program for active older adults.

5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Aging Parents

As our parents continue to age, life situations are going to occur that require the children of aging parents to provide some form of assi

In Home Care Advisors provides the assistance for grandparents to live safely at home.

In Home Care Advisors provides the assistance for grandparents to live safely at home.

stance as their parents become less able to manage life on their own. The type of assistance can range from the financial help to actual physical assistance in performing daily tasks. No matter what type of assistance a parent may require, it is important to recognize the warning signs when they appear. Below we identify five different ways you can assist your aging parents during a period they will need you the most.

Make Sure Their Finances Are Secure

Seniors tend to be one of the largest sectors of the population that are targeted for financial scams so schemers can get access to their bank accounts. The National Council on Aging called these scams “the crime of the 21st century.” Typical scams are in the forms of fraudulent sweepstakes and lotteries, bogus reverse mortgages and illegitimate investment opportunities. Talk to your parents about these things so they are aware that seniors are targeted on these matters. Many times the types of mail or phone calls they receive are clues to whether they have been targeted for these types of scams.

Be There For Them

The most important thing a child can do for an aging parent is to be accessible. Sometimes it is difficult to balance a career and your own family with the needs of an aging parent, but there is no substitution to being involved. Whether it is to assist with some household chores, yard work or even stopping by with a hot meal to see how they are doing, the more involved children are with aging parents, the better chance they have at maintaining their independence.

For Your Parents Sake Plan Ahead

Anyone who has ever taken care of an elderly parent or researched available resources to assist with caring for a senior knows that it takes time to find outside help that their parents may qualify for, and you as an adult child, can turn to for help. This takes time and you don’t want to make rushed decisions. There are resources available at the state and county level as well as from outside senior care agencies, but to navigate all this information is time consuming. You should be proactive so you know where to start when a parent is showing signs they are not able to fully care for themselves any longer.

Communicate With Other Family Members

Taking care of and assisting an elderly parent should not be the job of one person, but a shared responsibility by the family. Even if you are an only child, seek the assistance of aunts, uncles, cousins and even your own children, if they are old enough, to assist. The amount of time and effort it takes to take care of an aging parent can be overwhelming. The more help you have the better. By making sure more people are involved it will help ensure there is no resentment shared by family members who may believe they are taking on too much of the workload.

Advocate For Your Parents

The last thing you would want is for a decision to be made about your parent’s medical care or their finances without them having a say about it. You should talk to your parents about whether they have prepared a will or health care directive and who they would like involved in making decisions about their future, if they become incapacitated and are unable to make those decisions. You may want to consult an elder attorney to discuss drafting legal documents like a Power of Attorney or Health Care Directive. You may also want to discuss whether your parent has any long-term care insurance to supplement Medicare as no one type of health care policy may address all the services an aging parent will need.

Being prepared to address these topics is important so that there is not a lot of indecision related to your parent’s care when the time comes to act.


Article by Joe K.


In Home Care Advisors is a local Minnesota company made up of caring senior healthcare professionals who believe everyone should be ale to live safely in their own homes as long as possible.  We put that belief into action by carefully listening and assessing the needs, wants, and desires of our clients; Call 651-252-1669….we can help.