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Help Managing Hoarding Behaviors Independent Senior LivingThe signs of senior hoarding are hard to overlook, especially if someone close to you is dealing with this disorder. It makes sense to accumulate more things as we age. The more places we go, people we meet and things we discover, the more momentous we’ll want to take home with us. Items can help us remember our moments and that gives them their sentimental meanings. But what happens when the items become a danger? Many senior caregivers, children, loved ones and family members have put up with hoarding in order to not hurt feelings. We are here to tell you that the risks of doing nothing can hurt much more than that. If you have experienced hoarding conditions and don’t know where to turn to get the gentle guidance needed, call us today at (651) 252-1669.

Seniors & Hoarding

Signs of Hoarding:

  • Piles of newspapers/mail
  • Overflowing collections of medications, personal care items, etc.
  • Having only one clear travel path for a room or house (if that)
  • Not able to use furnishings as intended (i.e. can’t sit on sofa, use counters, sleep in bed due to storing items).
  • Trash piling up
  • Bugs, rodents, too many pets.

Signs of hoarding are the same in youth as they are in the elderly, but the risks can be even more heightened. There is a difference between a senior needing a little extra help at home and hoarding. Every one of us has had a dirty household for at least a couple of hours. But hoarding on the other hand can develop into a dangerous problem.

Dangers of Hoarding

  • Increase risk of Falling – As we age mobility gets harder, add only a little walkway and collections of items everywhere the risk of tripping and falling is magnified.
  • Fire Hazard – Piles of items can send a controlled fire ablaze and start new fires without intention.
  • Dangerous lack of Access – Hoarding is not only dangerous for those that live at the location, but any first responders called have a greater risk of danger when entering.
  • Respiratory Issues – Mold, Mildew and allergens build up along with the piles.
  • Homelessness – If a home gets too bad, it can be condemned. Leaving your loved one without a home.

Is it Senior Hoarding? Or Aging?

Senior Hoarding Help MNAs we age, everyday actions become more difficult. Which leads some elderly people to become distant, lonely, secluded and have little to do but collect items. It begins to feel like these things are their companions.  If this has become the case for someone you love, it is time to step in and act. What can you do?

  • Offer your help for a day. Clean, organize, declutter and throw away items they are okay with.
  • Keep Tabs. Call them and offer some companionship. That half an hour you spared may have made their day.
  • Stop by and see how the place is holding up. Does it look you have never been there?
  • If your early attempts don’t put a dent in your concerns, it is time to contact professionals.

Senior Hoarding Help

There are Senior Home Caretakers that specialized in helping the elderly with their hoarding condition. And if your parent or loved one isn’t too attached to the items that have been accumulating, it may just mean it is time for some Senior In Home Care Assistance. If you are worried about your parents living conditions, contact Senior In Home Care Advisors and we will find you the help and resources you need for Free.

We are dedicated to helping seniors maintain and independent life they enjoy living. Call us now (651) 252-1669.

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