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Senior Care Minnesota & WisconsinSenior care has evolved from the days when nursing homes were the only option. Which is an amazing thing, considering the average cost of a nursing home stay for a month is anywhere from 4,000 to 8,000. Don’t get us wrong, nursing homes are an amazing option for a select group that needs around-the-clock help with every aspect of life. But what about seniors that don’t need that intensity of care? Thankfully, In Home Senior Care is an option that has been designed to fit senior’s needs specifically. As well as the needs of their family!

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In Home Care Advisors is a Company dedicated to pairing seniors with the absolute best In Home Care that aligns with their budget, health and personal needs. In Home Caregivers aren’t just completing their duities and leaving. It takes love and passion to be a senior caregiver. We understand that the professional helping your parent, family and/or loved one will become close. That is why it is so important to pick a senior caregiver that is compatible in your circumstance.

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Key Factors in finding the Perfect Senior Caregiver

  • Connect – It is critical for the senior and caregiver to connect. If either one is uncomfortable, the results will be lacking. We believe the relationship between seniors and their caregiver is one of the most important factors that contribute to successful in-home care experience.
  • Type of Care – Many caregivers specialize in certain aspects. If the senior is battling with diabetes, we ensure the caregiver has experience and is comfortable helping manage this condition. Alzheimer’s has many stages and if your parent has been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s it is imperative that the senior caregiver has experience and knows how to handle possible symptoms. For the sake of the senior and there self.
  • Budget – We would all love to believe money doesn’t matter. But it does. Our team always considers financial conditions before we pair up a caregiver. Many times, we can help divide the care needed to family members as well. In Home Care Advisors can show you how possible it really is to keep your parent’s independence as they age in their home.

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