Finding Senior Care in Minnesota

Finding Senior Care in MinnesotaFinding Senior Care in Minnesota can be a hard journey. In Home Care Advisors would like to help you through this experience, to ease the process and provide the best Local Senior Care Options. Staying local is important for many. With family and friends close by, it is the best solution.  And many seniors want to stay in their home. We can make that happen! (651) 252-1669

Help Finding Senior Care in Minnesota

Our NO COST Meetings help ensure your senior care needs are met. We have access to virtually all senior care options in Minnesota and can help you make the best selection on your specific situation.

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4 Different Types of Senior Care & Assisted Living

  1. Senior Home Health Care & Companion Care

  • Benefits of Home Health Care/Companion Care – This kind of Senior Care makes it possible to stay living at home. There is no long-term commitment needed and the hours and schedule can change based on the needs of your family. Often, home health care is a great fit for seniors that need minimal assistance in their home. It is also a refreshing option for those that have taken their parents into their home and are caring for them. It can offer full-time family caregivers a break each week, month, or anytime. You choose the schedule and it is designed to fit into your life seamlessly.
  • Cons of Home Health Care/Companion Care – With this care there is no full-time medical attention. The care is provided only at the time the caregiver is in the home or scheduled. Home Health Care may not be a long-term solution.
  • Cost of Senior Home Health Care – This type of senior care is the most affordable. Costing anywhere from $45 – $150 a day, depending on the hourly rate and the number of days.
  1. Independent Senior Apartments

  • MN Senior Center

    Benefits of Independent Senior Apartments – Independent Senior Apartments allow for continued independence and privacy; while also offer senior classes, groups and activities to help residents stay social, active and happy. The cost of living in an Independent Senior Apartment is less expensive than assisted living or a nursing home.

  • Cons of Independent Senior Apartments – There are limited medical services offered in independent senior apartments. So, if health conditions become more pronounced, moving to assisted living or a nursing home will be the next suggested step.
  • Cost of Independent Senior Apartments – The average cost is $750 – $2,000 a month.
  1. Assisted Living/ Senior Centers

  • Benefits of Assisted Living/Senior Centers – In Assisted living seniors receive added attention and assistance. This option offers a supportive community that seniors can enjoy, with many regular activities.
  • Cons of Assisted Living/Senior Centers – With more attention comes less privacy. Costs become greater as the need for care becomes more predominant. If medical conditions become worse, a nursing home will be the next option.
  • Assisted Living Costs – Starting at $3,000 a month with a private room.
  1. Nursing Home

  • Benefits of Nursing Homes – Fully staffed 24/7 to provide constant monitoring and care services. Assistance is available with a press of a button.
  • Cons of Nursing Homes – Lack of privacy, as many seniors share rooms. High number of patients, which means less one-on-one attention.
  • Nursing Home Costs – The cost of a nursing home is expensive, approximately $3,900 – $6,000 a month.

Free Assistance when Finding Senior Care in Minnesota

Get started finding the perfect senior companion and personal care provider and call us today for a FREE meeting! Call (651)252-1669 or fill out our online form and meet with us within the next two days at the latest!

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