Top 5 Senior Discounts for your Home

Top 5 Senior Discounts for your HomeSenior Discounts are everywhere! But did you know you can benefit from them right in your own home? In Home Care Advisors would like to share with you the Top 5 Senior Discounts for your Home!

Top 5 Senior Discounts for your Home in Minnesota

  1. Mortgage Discount – HARP has made refinancing homes for seniors much more tangible. Which could help many stay independent in their home without the stress of an inflating mortgage. Instead, you could qualify to lower your monthly payments and pay off your property faster. See if you qualify by following . They don’t ask for any sensitive personal information either!
  2. Home Security Discount – Senior citizens are often easy targets for home theft.  ADT offers a 20% off discount for the initial home security system setup and an additional $2 off the monthly price of having home security.
  3. TV Discounts – There are likely many ways you can go about saving money when it comes to your television. You can switch over to Netflix (for $10.99) and/or Hulu (for $7.99) for a low monthly fee and unlimited streaming of all types of movies and shows. It does not look like any major providers offer senior discounts, at this time, but it never hurts to ask. There is also a the option of a ClearView HDTV Antenna. This antenna costs $40 at full retail value but there are often special offers for 50% off. And it is extremely easy to set up!
  4. MN Home Senior DiscountsHome Repair Discount – Home warranty programs can take much of the stress out of owning a home. And many companies that offer these repair warranty programs also offer senior discounts. This means you pay a monthly premium and (depending on your plan) don’t have to shell out hundreds, if not thousands for unexpected home repairs. Here are many top rated MN home repair companies and though they might not give a specific senior discount, AHS does offer a $25 amazon card for referring a friend.
  5. Utility Discount – Many utility providers offer senior discounts and discounts based on monthly incomes. From electric to sewer you may be surprised to find the discounts that are available. Ace Solid Waste offers a $2.00 off discount to seniors! Call 1-800-964-4281 to find out how much you can save on your waste removal services!

In-Home Senior Discounts

In Home Care Advisors wants to empower seniors to live comfortable in their home for as long as they choose. Saving money with senior discounts is just one another way increase this possibility for many. Contact our Minnesota In Home Care Advisors to schedule a FREE meeting to learn about your senior home care possibilities today at (651)252-1669.

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