Top 13 Senior Discounts on Insurance, Vacation & Entertainment

Top 13 Senior Discounts on Insurance, Vacation & Entertainment MNThere are many discounts available for seniors… if only you ask! From home mortgage discounts and gym memberships to airfare discounts. Seniors have been working hard for the majority of their lives, so now it is time to cash in those benefits. Good things come to those that ask! So next time you are talking to your insurance agent, booking a flight to see family and friends, shopping or even planning a vacation; take the time to ask, it could save you a lot! Below are the Top 13 Senior Discounts on Insurance, Vacation, Entertainment & Personal to Utilize! Get in the know and save your hard-earned money!

Top 13 Senior Discounts on Insurance, Vacation & Entertainment

Senior Insurance Discounts

  • Health Insurance Discounts – The next time you talk to your insurance agent, one of your main priorities should be discounts. There are many discounts available that do not cut your coverage but instead offer you perks. Both your insurance and pharmacy may have multiple ways to offer you discounts via mail or at the pharmacy. Be sure you don’t opt for the cheapest plan, but instead look for plans and pharmacies that offer extra benefits; because they are out there!
  • Car Insurance Discount – There are many discounts offered to those who have great driving records and there are also senior discount. American Family Insurance offers a course that, if completed, gives you 10% off for 3 years. After that 3 years you can renew it by taking the course again. This 55+ online and classroom course can be found as a defensive driving course through the MN DMV.
  • Vehicle Repair Discount – Many vehicle repair and maintenance shops, such as Jiffy Lube and Midas offer Senior Discounts.

Senior Entertainment Discount

  • Theater – AMC offers 30% off on regular admission and many local movie theaters have Senior Deal Days. Check with your local movie theater for specific discount information.
  • Shopping – Kohl’s, Michael’s, Dress Barn, Hallmark and even Walgreen’s offers senior discounts. Here is over 100+ retailers that offer discounts for seniors!
  • Gym Memberships – Medicare offers gym membership discounts and many local gyms will also give you a senior discount on membership fees.

Senior Vacation Discounts

  • Senior Citizen Discount on VacationsCruise Discounts – The majority of Cruise Lines offer senior discounts. Terms vary but if you are looking for a cruise vacation and you’re a senior there is no reason you should have to pay full price!
  • Hotel Discounts – From Best Western to Hilton Resorts, there are countless hotel options that offer senior discounts.
  • Airfare Discounts – American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines and many more offer Senior Airfare Discounts.

Personal Discounts

  • Haircuts – There are many locations that offer senior discounts on hair cuts. From the popular Great Clips to MasterCuts and SuperCuts there are many options available. And if you are picky about your salon, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they offer any type of senior discount.
  • Education – Did you know that the state of Minnesota waives tuition for senior citizens age 62 and older? It is true! It is also possible to audit courses for free! There may be fees depending on the school but the popular University of Minnesota offers credits at just $10 for seniors.

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The many discounts offered to Senior Citizen’s

We hope we’ve helped you with our Top 13 Senior Discounts to never pay full price again! These are discounts you deserve, so take advantage and save money! Even when working with a small business or a company not on this list, it doesn’t hurt to ask kindly if they offer any type of Senior Discounts, they may surprise you with additional discounts.

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