5 Signs of a Heart Attack Women Should Know

5 Signs of a Heart Attack Women Should KnowJust thinking about a heart attack may cause your blood pressure to rise…although it may sit a little close to home for many of us, it is a reality. Often, when people think heart attack, they think men. We would like to break that cycle. Both men and women are at risk for heart attacks and educating yourself and/or a loved one on the signs and symptoms of heart disease and a consequential heart attack may allow for medical correction before the damage is permanent.Continue reading

Polypharmacy & Seniors | Healthcare for Seniors in Minnesota

Medication and SeniorsAs we grow older, we grow wiser but our bodies grow weaker. The effects of aging often drive our senior population to the clinic because they are not wanting to constantly live their life in pain and with restriction. And medical professionals do what they can to prescribe the appropriate medications and dosages for patients in need. Medicine has a very important place; no one is questioning that.Continue reading

Staying Healthy with a Senior Diet

Healthy Senior Eating It’s safe to say you’ve heard the saying “You are what you eat”. You may have even quoted it at some point in your life. Why? Because you know it’s the truth. The reality is that choosing a Heart Healthy Diet in your Senior Years (even before them) can directly affect how long you live. And can prevent major health issues, that may directly make it harder to live.Continue reading

10 Steps to Prevent Slips and Falls

10 Steps to Prevent Slips and FallsSeniors that are living on their own should look into accident prevention steps, especially around their own house. Studies show that about 70% of serious injuries that occur, resulting in an emergency room visit, happen within or just 30 yards from the home. The common damages that transpire are traumatic brain injuries and hip or other bone fractures. By using the following steps, you or a loved one will greatly increase safety while living independently in senior years. Here at In Home Care Advisors, we can help you develop a senior in home care routine that can allow you to continue to live in your home and where you are most comfortable.  Our network of diverse senior care resources throughout Minneapolis and St Paul, MNContinue reading

Communicating Changing Abilities to Parents | Minnesota Senior Resources

Communicating Changing Abilities to Parents Talking to our parents about their future and changing ability can seem intimidating…but this isn’t the first ‘Talk’ you have had with them. There have been plenty ‘Talks’ but usually you’ve been on the other side. From the countless lessons they have taught you as a child, to the awkward times, when growing up meant you were going to experience changes and they could be someone you turn to for education and an ear. And it is likely they have been there for you at the best of times too.Continue reading

Sedentarism | Effects on Seniors

Minnesota SenioSedentariusm & Effects on SeniorsAlthough there is not a documented term or definition as ‘sedentariusm’, it is what is used to explain the increasing sedentary lifestyle we are experiencing. Living a sedentary lifestyle essentially means living an in-active life or being physically inactive for the majority of your time. There are many reasons to stay inactive, most reasons are because senior’s ache and pains are keeping them off their feet and on the couch. Unfortunately, it feels nice at the moment but by kicking your feet up you are actually damaging your body further.Continue reading

11 Exercise Ideas for Seniors | Minnesota In Home Care Advisors

Senior Safe ExercisingHave the strength you need to keep up with the aging process by choosing a healthy and appropriate senior workout plan. The correct exercises will increase your health and how you feel, while decreasing injuries caused by inactivity. Here at In Home Care Advisors we recommend, before picking out specific routines, you consult with your doctor for clearance. Some exercises are designed especially for certain outcomes, with your physician’s acceptance we can help you get back on your feet with less pain and more mobility. Continue reading

Senior Driving Concerns | Minnesota in Home Care Advisors

Senior Driving and SafetyWith age comes wisdom, many cherished memories, and many changes. As one grows throughout life, countless things can and do change. Remember your first time behind the wheel? Or that long road trip you took in your 20’s? How about the first time driving with your new born in the back seat? Driving styles and habits constantly change with age, responsibilities and in the moment.Continue reading

The 4 Things You Should Know About Medicare

The world of Medicare can be a confusing one due to the different types of coverage available, the designated enrollment periods and all the other rules and regulations that go along with a government program. Because it is so easy to get overwhelmed with information related to Medicare it’s probably wise to focus on some of the essential elements of the program.Continue reading

The Minnesota State Fair has a lot to offer Seniors.

Article by C. Johnson

This Year’s State Fair Has A Lot To Offer Seniors

 Believe it or not it’s that time of year again, the Great Minnesota Get Together known as the State Fair is right around the corner.

The state’s event that marks the unofficial end of summer is a spectacle that brings friends, neighbors, and most importantly family, together to enjoy all that the fair has to offer.Continue reading