Social Wellness Month: Help Senior Stay Social

Senior social wellnessSocial wellness month is designed to encourage everyone to fully nurture themselves and their relationships. When both giving and receiving social support you are creating a stronger bond between you the other person, therefore, gaining more places to turn in hard times or even just to vent. Essentially there are three different forms of social support. Informational support, which is providing support through facts and information. Emotional support, which is making people feel cared for. Then support for housekeeping and management type tasks, which would be considered Instrumental support. Continue reading

Signs Your Parent Needs Assisted Living

Signs Your Parent Needs Assisted Living MNDid you see one or both of your parents for the 4th of July? As Americans, we are proud to celebrate another year of independence and our history of freedom and all who have supported it, from those just finishing boot camp to veterans with countless war stories that conduct a room. Independence Day is a great cause to be around the people you love. But when you got home, did things seem different?Continue reading

Celebrating 4th of July | Activities for Seniors

Celebrating the 4thCelebrating Independence Day to commend this great nation of ours is a national event. During this festivity we celebrate how far we have come from the thirteen colonies. If you settle back and start remembering everything we have achieved, battled through, and survived as a Republic, our notorious nation that has been known to stand together during the toughest of times has been created for us to live as a wholesome and loving whole community. Celebrating your Independence with many generations of your family is a fun filled experience.Continue reading

What You Should Know About Getting Older

What You Should Know About Getting OlderIf we are all lucky, we will get to grow old and chances are you are planning your life around it. Commonly many seniors think that once their will has been completed and all financial obligations are accounted for they are done. That is not the case. There is a much bigger world out there now, with medical advances and many industries devoted to the senior community, aging has never been more graceful and full of possibilities.Continue reading

Senior Care Resources Minnesota

Senior Care Resources MnEach family is different from the next and so their choice in what path they would like to follow when it comes time to search for senior care will also be considerably different. Minnesota has a vast selection of senior care resources, from independent living communities and assisted living support to nursing homes. The growing demand for diversity when it comes to senior living solutions has its positives and negatives.Continue reading

Senior Medication Management | In Home Care MN

Senior Medication Management MNThe list of medications one takes usually increases with age. But that doesn’t mean remembering pills becomes natural with time, it quite often gets worse with time. Timing is everything when wanting the best results from chosen medication, regardless if they are over the counter or prescribed. Adversely, doubling up on a dosage could prove quite risky, even when it is done unintentionally. If you or a loved one is taking prescriptions, over the counter drugs or supplements and would like to keep your dosage and times easily organized, consider a pill dispenser and reminder.Continue reading