Help Selecting Senior Care in Minnesota

Senior In Home Care MinnesotaIt is time to find a senior caregiver. You’ve searched online and the results are numerous. It can become overwhelming to try and find the right amount of care and understand the types of living options still suitable for your parent. It is a beautiful thing to have a multitude of senior care options in Minnesota but that also means it can take some time to narrowing down the best type of senior care for your family’s needs. It helps to start by leaving nothing out…Continue reading

Spot the Major Signs of Decline in Seniors

Spot the Major Signs of Decline in SeniorsIf you are waiting for the day your parent tells you that they can’t take care of themselves, it will likely be too late. Do you know what increases the chances of your parent aging in their home? It’s their family recognizing signs of physical and/or mental health decline and doing something about it before a major situation occurs and you need to stop everything to find a solution.Continue reading

Healthy Habits for Seniors

Healthy Seniors HabitsHealthy habits are an amazing way to help improve and extend one’s life. When you do things that are good for yourself, your body recognizes and repays you with benefits, whether it’s added energy, a great night of sleep, an improved mood or lowered stress levels. If you are taking care of your parent or a senior it’s important that you encourage healthy habits, ones that even you could benefit from too.Continue reading

What Everyone Should Know About Dementia

Dementia SignsDementia is a term usually heard more often the longer one lives. As a disorder of the brain, it can gradually affect the way one goes throughout their day. Dementia leads to a decline of brain function and short term memory loss. Though Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of Dementia, it is not the only form of this classification of diseases. Millions of people are living with Dementia and as we continue to age we may need to know the signs and symptoms if a parent, relative, or another loved one starts showing early signs. Continue reading