4 Things to Look for in a Home Care Provider

We’re often asked how we choose the agencies we refer and recommend.  Here are 4 quick things to think about when choosing an in-home care provider for a parent or loved one:

Elder care Minnesota

  1. Track record of caring and success.  We like to talk to families they have worked with and get feedback on care, responsiveness, flexibility, and communication. Another good source is reporting agencies such the Better Business Bureau or Minnesota Dept. of Health.
  2. Collaboration.  How much are you and your family involved in the care plan? Providers should create a plan with you and be flexible as things change, i.e. not lock you into lots of minimums.
  3. Care for their employees.  How well do they treat the people that will be caring for your loved one?  How well do they screen their employees, provide on-going training and feedback/monitoring.
  4. How well resourced are they?  Needs often change so a strong provider agency should have the resources to accommodate a changing client.  Good things to know is do they have capabilities in memory care, 24/7 care, travel, and back-up for their care givers, etc?
Picking a home care provider for a parent can be emotional and difficult.  The folks at In Home Care Advisors, www.inhomecareadvisors.com have the expertise and compassion to make sure you’re matched with “the perfect companion and personal care provider for your needs.”   Call 651-252-1669 or Click www.InHomeCareAdvisors.com for FREE help finding a caregiver.

5 Tech Tools For Seniors to Enhance Everyday Life

5 Tech Tools For Seniors

Researchers are finding that seniors who readily adapt to technology benefit from improved quality of life on both the social and health fronts.  However when seniors and technology come together learning curve of how to use the latest gadgets can sometimes be challenging.   Here are 5 good tools/items to help.

senior couple using an computer at home

  1. Smartphone –  Did you know many seniors are addicted to the new Pokemon Go craze? It is true, people of all ages are getting moving and collecting Pokemon all over! Of course, a cell phone is most important for getting ahold of anyone at any time and it can give you piece of mind, knowing that you can call your parent and ensure their safety no matter where you or they are.
  2. Computer – Computers are a great way to search for anything you can think of. It is also a great way to keep in contact through Skype, FaceTime or Video Call with Facebook. These are easy ways to connect with your parent and be sure they can connect with other family and friends through these convenient computer options. See each other face to face and know if they are doing well, or not.
  3. Fitness Tracker/Smart Watch – Some of the latest technology has a wearable fitness monitor small enough it easily fits on the wrist. These watches often monitor sleep patterns, activity levels. Even more advanced Smart Watches/Fitness Trackers have fall detection, can hook up to hearing aids, have a GPS and an integrated mobile phone. The best part about a watch design is there is no need to remember where you put it, it is on your wrist.
  4. GPS – For seniors that drive their own cars, GPS is great to have. Wrong turns happen quickly and with GPS you or another will almost always know what street  and coordinates – if worst comes to worst. Smartphones, Tables/iPads & many vehicles have GPS or you can also purchase one to place in the vehicle of your choice. GPS is also great to have when walking too.
  5. Tablet/iPad – Sometimes smartphone screens can be small, so if your parent is complaining about a small screen, consider a Tablet or iPad. They can pretty much do everything a smartphone can do, as long as you have service. For tablets with their own internet capabilities check out your phone providers, such as Verizon or T-mobile. They offer affordable plans you can put on your phone line for tablets that have internet services of their own and can get pretty much get every app a smartphone can.

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Finding Senior Care in Minnesota

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Help Finding Senior Care in Minnesota

Our NO COST Meetings help ensure your senior care needs are met. We have access to virtually all senior care options in Minnesota and can help you make the best selection on your specific situation.

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